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News from the Test Lab
News from the Test Lab 
In addition to the conventional test gases helium and nitrogen, we also use the test gas methane in our accredited test laboratory accredited test laboratory. In various test standards, methane is regarded as the preferred medium. Since it is a hydrocarbon molecule, the sealing properties of the sealing elements can be determined closer to real-world conditions.
The methane that leaks through a test sample is picked up in a purge gas, and in turn is measured with a flame ionization detector (FID) and displayed as a leakage rate.
Thus, our service offers cover all current test standards in the areas:
- Valve testing (ISO 15848-1, API 641)
- Packing testing (API 622)
- Gasket testing (ASME B16.20)
For more information about our range of services, please click on the respective testing type above.
Qualification of Fitters acc. EN1591-4
Qualification of fitters acc. EN1591-4 
The standard EN 1591-4, published in December 2013, regulates the procedure for the qualification of fitters, their supervisors and those responsible engineers who design, test, disassemble or assemble flanged connections in any form.
The standard lays out a modular curriculum for the training and an assessment procedure used to determine the qualifications of the staff.
After 5 years of experience in implementing the standard and approximately 2,000 trained fitters, we not only offer the individual modules - such as basic qualification, torque-controlled hydraulic tightening processes or heat exchangers and pressure vessels - we are also well prepared for the re-examination of fitters to renew their certificates, and we are happy to assist in the implementation.
In addition to training in our training center in Lauffen, Germany, of course, we also offer all modules as on-site training at your location.
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Seminars and Workshops
Again this autumn, we will offer various seminars and workshops in our training rooms in Lauffen. The main focus is on the calculation of flange connections according to EN 1591-1, of which a new draft is under discussion, and the qualification of fitters according to EN 1591-4.
    Calculation of flange connections according to EN 1591-1
  • 17./18.09.2019 in Lauffen (in German)
  • 19./20.09.2019 in Lauffen (in English)
Participants will be fully informed about the EN 1591-1 standard. Additional content covered is the compliance with the leak tightness requirements according to VDI 2290 / TA Luft. Practical examples are calculated with our software product, TEMES >> More. . . 
    Qualification of fitters according to EN 1591-4
  • 11.09.19 Basic qualification in Lauffen (in English)
  • 12.09.19 Basic qualification in Lauffen (in German)
  • 13.09.19 Responsible engineer in Lauffen (in German)
  • 30.10.19 Basic qualification in Lauffen (in German)
  • 31.10.19 Hydraulic Clamping Tools in Lauffen (in German)

All workshops are available upon request!

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